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Our focus and values are simple:

  1. We believe we are in this together.
  2. We measure our success by your success.

With more than 20 years of guest worker visa experience, Labor Consultants International is a small army of passionate individuals. We strive to cut through the red tape of H-2A and H-2B guest worker programs to make it easier for employers like you to hire temporary foreign labor that you need.

We are owned and run by a visionary who values the tried-and-true, but also encourages creativity and innovation.

Our team is comprised of diverse personalities, passions and interests. Many of of us are dog lovers, and some of us are even owl lovers. Our team includes a set of twins. We love popcorn and milk chocolate. We have tons of energy, some of that even before adding coffee. We persevere when things get tough. We love our husbands, wives and children. But above all, we are friends united together for a greater purpose in serving our clients.

At the end of the day, we value our relationships and are interested in creating a genuine and lasting one with you.

Meet The TeamMeet The Team
Labor Consultants International Vision
Our guarantee is that we will be available to you, positive in our interactions with you, proactive in our approach, informative, and there for you every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

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Terry Forrester


Best known as: Mischievous, Adventurous, Spontaneous

Alias: Mr. Persuasive

Terry has a knack for seeing the big picture, not just for the company, but for what’s happening in the industry as well. He brings that vision to the office, along with a thirst to make a difference in people’s lives - personally and professionally.

When we get weighted down with the seriousness of our work, we can count on Terry to lighten the mood. Maybe it has something to do with breakfast being his favorite meal, but his energy when he walks through the door each morning means new projects and big goals are on the horizon.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Ashley Wright

Senior Account Manager

Best known as: Caring, Friendly, Optimistic

Alias: Owl Lover (yep, she’s the one)

Ashley’s claim to fame is building great relationships with clients. She sweats the details at work and in the gym. One of Ashley’s greatest pleasures is hearing the relief on the other end of the phone when H-2A and H-2B clients find out their visas have been approved. Family, including her rambunctious little boy, are her everything. And, no you’re not seeing double. Ashley is a twin. See Nicole for a double-take.

Nicole Ward

Marketing/Senior Account Manager

Best known as: Compassionate, Limelight Avoider, Twin

Alias: Lois Lane

Nicole’s secret weapon is her ability to really listen to others. Combine that with a passion for people and the desire to forge great relationships and it’s obvious what makes Nicole such an asset at LCI. She’s the go-to person for H-2B questions and is happiest when she’s with her husband and their dog, Dexter. That means she’s pretty darn happy since both can be found at LCI on a daily basis.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Amber Heller

Senior Account Manager

Best known as: Outgoing, Resourceful, Independent

Alias: Pistol-Packin’ People-Pleaser (at least that’s what her mom calls her)

Amber prides herself on being able to figure things out on her own. Combine that with one heck of a memory and you have the makings of someone you can count on to get the job done. Away from work, Amber loves adventure, whether she’s 250 feet off the ground ziplining over Akaka Falls in Hawaii or cruising old dirt roads on her motorcycle, enjoying the beauty of North Idaho.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Monica Thode

Account Manager

Best know as: Positive, Light-hearted, Encouraging

Alias: Makeup Maven

Monica says Yoda (of Star Wars’ fame) delivered the best advice she ever heard – “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” We think those are pretty good words to live by as she helps employers get visas for their foreign workers. A self-professed nerd, Monica would love a chance to do special effects makeup for a movie or TV show someday. For now, though, she’s thrilled to have weekends off after working every Sunday for the past six years.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Zack Cooper

Account Manager

Best known as: Dedicated, Hardworking, Dependable

Alias: Bob the Builder (can build a house from the ground up)

Zachary enjoys the fact that every day brings something new at LCI. We’re guessing that’s the case around home, as well, for this proud husband and father of four daughters. While balancing the ins and outs of the visa process may have its challenges, it can’t compare to the juggling involved in adopting three foster children. Set a meal of steak and potatoes in front of him and you’re sure to see a smile.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Leeann Wallace

Account Manager

Best known as: Enthusiastic, Kind, Honest

Alias: Shutterbug

Leeann draws on a number of past accomplishments as she tackles the challenges of helping employers secure visas for foreign guest workers. On any given day, her prowess on the soccer field (she scored five goals in one game), the management of a successful restaurant, or the tenacity it took to earn an AA in photography, may be called upon to accomplish her goals. She says multi-tasking is the most challenging aspect of the job, but the people make every day a good one.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Alex Ward

Quality Control

Best know as: Perfectionist, Analytical, Detail Diver

Alias: Proud Papa

Alex is in charge of quality control at LCI. Before documents are submitted to various government agencies, he puts his eagle eyes to work ensuring everything is accurate. It can be a challenge comparing similar documents, looking for even the smallest differences between them. Hanging out with his son, Xander, brings him great joy and a welcome break from the fine print.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Stephen Ward

Business Integrator

Best known as: Creative, Direct, Generous

Alias: Clark Kent

When he’s not helping clients secure visas, Stephen serves as LCI’s mechanic – keeping all the moving parts of what we do running strong and in harmony. Ironically, some of the best advice he was ever given, "tight’s tight and too tight’s broke," involved an important part of a car he ruined by tightening it too much. Thankfully, he’s learned a few things since then.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Casey Ward

Marketing/Account Manager

Best known as: Welcoming, Tall, Hungry

Alias: Bruce Wayne (aka Batman)

Casey feels especially fortunate to have landed at LCI after jobs as varied as door-to-door sales, knife building and fork-lift driving. The fact that he gets to work alongside his two brothers and sister-in-law is an added bonus. Casey has a knack for helping people feel comfortable, whether on the phone or in person. While hardly his only claim to fame – and even though he’s disappointed he didn’t quite make it to 6’8” – he’s mighty handy to have around the office to secure items just out of reach.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Stacey Sphuler

Account Manager

Best known as: Patient, Shy, Organized

Alias: Proud Mama

Stacey’s organizational skills come in handy when dealing with the details so critical to helping employers obtain work visas for their temporary workforce. Away from work, she hones her skills as referee, nurse, cook and maid (a.k.a. mom). Showing her children you can do anything you put your mind to is at the top of her priority list.

Labor Consultants, h-2a, h-2b, temporary workers, seasonal employees, work visas

Jackie Wilson

Account Manager

Best known as: Good-hearted, Determined, Joyful

Alias: Sunshine

Jackie’s talent for easily connecting with others is a definite asset in her role helping businesses get the staff they need to be successful. She regrets not moving to North Idaho sooner, but, now that she’s here, she’s thrilled to be settling in at LCI for the long haul. Away from work, Jackie’s happiest hanging out with family, cooking and spending time at the lake.

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I'm very satisfied with the service and how the things are being handle so timely and the patience that you guys have with people like us since I don't know the steps about the process. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you guys.

Sunset Forestry

Being this is our first year, we are very appreciative that LCI is expediting the process. There is no way we would have been able to do this on our own. Stephen and Leanne have been outstanding, truly delivering A+ support the entire way. Keep up the great work!

Sunrise Lawns

We feel like we are in the BEST hands! What a wild season it has been thus far ... I don't know how we would manage without Amber. She is always on the ball and provides us with all the information needed to pass the next hurdle. I have been doing this for a while now and I still feel like I learn something new each step of the way. Thank you all for the time and effort you put in to helping us get our workers.

Cutting Edge Forestry, Inc.