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About Your H-2 Visa Experts

Our focus and values are simple:

  1. We believe we are in this together.
  2. We measure our success by your success.

With more than 20 years of guest worker visa experience, Labor Consultants International is comprised of a small army of passionate individuals. We strive to cut through the red tape of H-2A, and H-2B guest worker programs to make it easier for employers like you to hire temporary foreign labor that you need. We also offer EB-3 Perm visas should that better suit your company.

Our four person leadership team has nearly 50 years of combined experience in H-2 processing. We have seen every situation, roadblock and victory in this industry. We are in the middle of every political, legislative and industry discussion and forum for these visa programs. Our group loves people, and works hard to make sure each client knows they matter. They matter not just as a client, but as a real person, with real struggles, pains and triumphs. We persevere when things get tough. We love our husbands, wives and children. But above all, we are friends united together for a greater purpose in serving our clients.

At the end of the day, we value our relationships and are interested in creating a genuine and lasting one with you.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the H-2 visa programs and how we help H-2B and H-2A workers match with the right H-2A and H-2B employers. We look forward to working with you! 

Meet The Team
Labor Consultants International Vision
Our guarantee is that we will be available to you, positive in our interactions with you, proactive in our approach, informative, and there for you every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

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Terry Forrester


LCI was founded by Terry in 1998. Having an entrepreneurial background and extensive experience with the Forestry Industry, Terry saw a need to bring the H-2B and H-2A visa consulting process to the market. With over 20 years of experience In the visa process, to the ins and outs of the political and socioeconomic influences in the country, Terry has been a powerful voice in the industry. On a more personal note, you’ll be hard pressed to find an owner that cares more about his team. Terry knows there is more to life than business and leads by example. Everyone from our newest team member to all of our clients can feel it. Terry and his wife Keriana have three amazing girls, Parker, Paige & Paris.

Ashley Wells

H-2B Visa Coordinator

Ashley is the H-2B Coordinator for LCI. She has 10 years experience in both H-2B as well as H-2A visas. She is relied on to make our H-2B Season a success as well as serving on the LCI Leadership Team. Having been with LCI so many years, Ashley knows the ins and outs of the industry, and can solve nearly any problem our team is presented with. Ashley travels to Washington DC to lobby on behalf of our clients and wherever else she must to be up to date on all our industry. She has two boys she adores, Easton and Cash.

Stephen Ward

Business Integrator

Stephen is the Business Integrator at LCI. He began as an Account Manager for H-2B visas with us 13 years ago. Since then he has helped develop and grow LCI into the company it is today. He designed and developed the premier H-2/PERM software that is the engine of our company. He has traveled across the country meeting with clients and has been to Washington DC to lobby on behalf of our clients. He is responsible for making sure the team is strong and removing any roadblocks the office may have to make sure our clients are taken care of. Stephen is married to Nicole and has two daughters, Rori and Charlotte.

Zack Cooper

H-2B Training Coordinator

After having worked as an Account Manager for four years, Zack was ready for his next step at LCI. Zack moved into the H-2b Training Coordinator function and has been invaluable. Zack will use his years of experience to give all our incoming Account Managers a hands on, tailored training process to bring them up to excellence faster than ever. Zack will also provide any overflow help that any Account Manager needs to support the office. He is uniquely gifted to excel in this function and we’re so thankful to have him. Zack has four girls with his incredible wife Ginger.

Nicole Ward

EB-3 Account Manager

Nicole is the PERM Visa Coordinator at LCI. Not only is she handling this intense visa process, she has developed the entire sales department at LCI, and has 9 years experience in the H-2B visa program. Nicole is a true foundational piece of our company and her input on the leadership team is invaluable. Currently, Nicole is spearheading new growth at LCI. Nicole’s husband, Stephen, also works at LCI as well as her sister Ashley. Stephen and Nicole have two little girls, Rori and Charlotte, that are the joys of their life.

Alex Ward

Software Operations

Alex is a linchpin in LCI's operations, lending his expertise across various facets of the company. Alex spearheaded the development of LCI's Quality Assurance framework, a backbone that underpins the office's efficiency. His deep understanding of the H-2B Visa process makes him an invaluable resource, while his involvement in crafting and maintaining the company's flagship H-2/PERM software solidifies his position as a key contributor. Beyond work, Alex is the proud father to his son, Xander

Katelyn Beaugrand

H-2B Account Manager

Meet Katelyn, a powerhouse of determination and precision. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she sets the bar high in all she does. As an integral part of the H-2B team at LCI, Katelyn's keen eye for detail ensures nothing slips through the cracks. What makes her role even more special is that she shares this journey with her family, working alongside her mom and supported by her husband, Dean.

Bonnie Berscheid

EB-3 Visa Coordinator / H-2B Account Manager

With a lifetime spent as an athlete Bonnie continually demonstrates that her team player mentality makes her a valuable member of the H-2B team. She has over 10 years of experience working with the government and holds a BA in Business as well as a minor in Economics. Bonnie has a never-ending drive to be the best. She is hardworking and thorough and never leaves a task for later. She loves to travel with her son, Tristen, trying different cuisines from around the world and spending time outside.

Emily Brown

H-2B Account Manager

Emily is highly motivated and extremely intelligent. She has a major in psychology and two minors in sociology and women's/gender studies from the University of Idaho. She has experience in customer service and management, so you can trust that she keeps herself organized and will go above and beyond for her clients. Being efficient and reliable is what she is known for. She and her fiancé, Christian, reside here in North Idaho with their cat, Cheesecake, and dog, Forest. In her free time Emily loves gaming, spending time outdoors, and crafting.

Anita Cruz

H-2B Account Manager

Anita has 32 years of experience in H-2B processing. She began working in the industry at a young age and has proven to be successful through her detail-oriented, organized, and dependable work ethic. Anita’s determination to get her work done efficiently and accurately is one of her many strengths. We’re grateful to have her as a part of our H-2B Team in Texas. Anita has two amazing kids with her husband of 30 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at church, taking short road trips, and hanging out with her fur baby, Lexi.

Jenny Duncan

H-2B Account Manager

Jenny is an H-2B Account Manager here at LCI. Jenny will be the ally you want on your team as you navigate this visa process. She is a natural communicator and relater and will work to know your business as well as you do. Jenny is our resident Communications Major and a pleasure to work alongside. She is always quick to offer a smile and a word of encouragement; she’s our ray of sunshine. She is an avid outdoors woman, crafting guru, Autumn aficionado, Pumpkin Spice lover, and Rock Band Master. Jenny is the Mom of two amazing young adults and has been married to her husband for over 20 years. Together with their 2 dogs they complete a family with all J names which they affectionally call the JDunc’s.

Dawn Forrester

H-2B Account Manager

Dawn works as an H-2B Client Manager. Our clients can be certain that if they are fortunate enough to have Dawn working with them, they will get the most accurate and reliable filings in the industry. Her background is in the Securities industry where there is no margin for error when her clients gave her the ultimate trust of their finances. She enjoys learning about people and the little details that make them who they are. These traits lend well to her job here at LCI as she can be counted on to take care of clients with accuracy and a personal touch. Dawn’s ultimate accomplishment is being mom to Kyle and Rachel. We are all thankful to have her as part of the team.

Annika Silk

H-2B Account Manager

Annika quickly moved from reception into account management here at LCI. It was obvious from the start that our clients would not only love her, but trust her. She is sharp and retains information rapidly, which is a huge asset in a shifting political and legislative environment. Being incredibly articulate, she is able to help you work through the problems facing your business and help with a solution.

David Hansen

Client Relations

David is often one of the first people employers will talk to. David helps interested employers discover if they qualify for a visa program. With a construction and farming background, David is very aware of how important these programs are for employers to be able to find reliable labor. He is very friendly and relatable, and it is guaranteed that he will provide you the best service and information before filling out an application and putting employers in touch with a client manager. Born and raised in North Idaho, he loves fishing, the outdoors and spending time with his wife, new daughter and his dog.

Margie Hawkins

H-2B Account Manager

Margie came to LCI with 25 years of experience in the H-2B program. She is a part of our H-2B Team that is located in Texas. Margie is dependable, trustworthy, and loyal; all qualities that make her an excellent Client Manager. You can trust that she will get you through the ever-changing H-2B program, no matter what it takes. Margie enjoys spending her free time working out and being with her family. She has been married for 26 years and has two daughters and 2 granddaughters who are her pride and joy.

Amber Hodgson

Senior H-2B Account Manager

Amber has been involved with the H-2B visa program and all its intricacies for seven years here at LCI. She has spent her time here over the last several years perfecting some of the most difficult H-2B submissions and industries in the country. Her ever-increasing knowledge in the H-2B arena makes the entire company better. You are in the best hands if Amber is involved with your company. Amber recently married her husband Dylan, at a beautiful ceremony. She also really loves her pup.

Kayla James

H-2A Account Manager

The H-2A team is extremely lucky to have Kayla. She comes to LCI with an extensive background in client relations and has worked in management for nearly a decade. You can be confident that your filings will be done in expert fashion. Kayla absolutely loves to learn. She truly enjoys researching each aspect of our industry and is always looking for ways to improve the process for employers. Kayla grew up in North Idaho and enjoys spending time with family, reading a good book, or being out in nature.

Paris Kerns

H-2B Account Manager

Paris is not only an H-2B Account Manager, but also LCI's amazing Receptionist! She has a deep interest and extensive knowledge in the H-2B world, thanks to her exposure and her close connection to Labor Consultants. In fact, her dad, Terry Forrester, is the owner of LCI! Paris is known for her persistence, determination, and exceptional multitasking skills. She effortlessly handles multiple tasks at once, making her an excellent Account Manager. Paris also plays a crucial role in maintaining the team's efficiency by managing reception. When Paris isn't at LCI, she enjoys going shooting, hiking, and spending quality time with her loved ones; especially her dogs, Miska, Alpine, and husband, Zander.

Zander Kerns

H-2B Account Manager

Meet Zander, another exceptional H-2B Account Manager at Labor Consultants International! With 5 years of experience in customer service and business operations, Zander is great at finding solutions to any challenge that comes his way. He's currently finishing up his business degree and is extremely driven and detail-oriented; although, what really sets Zander apart is his dedication to maintaining positive relationships with all of our clients. When he's not working, Zander loves to spend time with his wife, Paris, as well as spending time outdoors hunting, golfing, hiking, and fishing.

Scott Rademacher

H-2B Account Manager

As an H-2B Account Manager, Scott is extremely detail oriented, friendly, patient, & persistent. Between 23 years in Education and supervisory experience, Scott is very good at breaking down complex tasks into information anyone can understand. With his attention to detail and passion for serving others, his clients can rest easy knowing that he is handling this complicated process while also making sure they are clued in every step along the way. Scott has two degrees, one from University of Washington and one from Eastern Washington University. He enjoys fly fishing, maintaining his salt water fish tank, and many different sports.

Brandon Reinke

Solutions Development

Brandon is a key-piece to LCI’s Development Operations Management team. Previously a technical analysist for dental software, Brandon carries all the skills to continually evolve our systems and make the filing process easier and more efficient. His positive attitude and problem-solving strengths are a great asset to LCI. Being with his wife, Hannah, is his favorite way to spend his time. He also enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and deep conversations on philosophy.

Hannah Reinke

Office Coordinator/H-2B Account Manager

Hannah utilizes her skills in event coordination and organization to optimize her clients’ experience of the H-2B process. With a background in hospitality, Hannah is able to simultaneously serve the immediate needs of her clients and the big picture of the program while prioritizing on the fly. She thoroughly enjoys managing the behind-the-scenes details of the office and serving her team in the Office Coordinator role. She loves to explore the great outdoors through hiking, camping, and scenic drives - especially with her husband, Brandon.

Barbara Lyon

H-2B Account Manager / Client Relations

Barb is a dedicated H-2B Account Manager and a key member of the Sales Team at LCI, driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for building meaningful connections. Her adept navigation of the complex H-2B process showcases her expertise, while her commanding presence in the room and unwavering diligence make her a force to be reckoned with. Beyond professional accomplishments, Barb has been married to her husband, Chad, for 29 years, with whom they share a daughter, Katelyn, who is also an H-2B Account Manager here at LCI.

Monica Thode

Senior H-2B Account Manager

Monica has been with LCI for 7 years both in H-2B and H-2A account management. She has spent her time learning the ins and outs of both programs. With a love for strategy and an in-depth knowledge of the processes, Monica has stepped into our sales and client onboarding role to bring in new employers to the H-2 programs, she can help you gauge whether or not you’d be a good qualifier for the program while offering resources and insight to your company’s needs.

Sarah Ureno

H-2B Account Manager

Sarah has been working in the H-2B industry for over 16 years. She has extensive knowledge of the program which allows her to strategize the best way to get her employers through the process successfully. Sarah has proven herself to be reliable and thorough while bringing a calmness and steadiness to her workload. These qualities make her an asset to her clients in the sometimes-stressful H-2B world. Sarah loves listening to live music, doing yoga, and having fun with her family. Also located in Texas, Sarah has 2 amazing boys with her husband of 12 years.

Contact Us Today to Get Started!

I'm very satisfied with the service and how the things are being handle so timely and the patience that you guys have with people like us since I don't know the steps about the process. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you guys.

Sunset Forestry

Being this is our first year, we are very appreciative that LCI is expediting the process. There is no way we would have been able to do this on our own. Stephen and Leanne have been outstanding, truly delivering A+ support the entire way. Keep up the great work!

Sunrise Lawns

We feel like we are in the BEST hands! What a wild season it has been thus far ... I don't know how we would manage without Amber. She is always on the ball and provides us with all the information needed to pass the next hurdle. I have been doing this for a while now and I still feel like I learn something new each step of the way. Thank you all for the time and effort you put in to helping us get our workers.

Cutting Edge Forestry, Inc.

For several years in the late-90s and early-2000s, we used the H2-B program with limited success. We processed the application ourselves, our workers were always delayed, and there was no guarantee that the resources we put in would actually yield any visa employees. So we left the program and went back to local recruiting efforts. After years of frustration with employee turnover and poor performance, we decided to venture into the visa program again. We were referred by another one of our clients to attend the [LCI annual conference] and have been clients ever since. LCI makes the process very easy while also bettering our results. In the five years we’ve been with LCI, the 2020 pandemic season was the only one we didn’t get workers. Even when we’ve been capped out, LCI keeps fighting to get our workers.

Of our eighty employees, we have twenty-five H2-B workers. They are the backbone of our labor force as many operate as crew leaders and drivers. Their dependability in regards to showing up everyday ready to work make running our company immensely easier and more profitable. Most of our H2-B guys were sons and brothers of our existing employees, simply expanding the families that already work with Baxter Gardens. We wouldn’t be as successful as we are without the H2-B program.

Baxter Gardens

"We love working with [LCI], you make the process so much more manageable!"

Lockhart Honey Farms
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