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Northern Central America

NCA Visa Program

Why NCA?

We at Labor Consultants International believe the more doors that employers keep open for themselves to secure a consistent workforce, the more success they will find themselves in the H-2B program. The newest and most fruitful opportunities for success within the H-2 programs lie within the recruitment efforts taking place within the NCA countries.

LCI, along with the ministries of Guatemala and El Salvador, hosted a job fair in both Guatemala City and San Salvador at the end of February, bringing several US businesses with roughly 446 positions available to be filled. A total of 902 candidates were interviewed over a span of 4 days for these positions. This represents a significant win for the employers in the U.S., as well as for the workers in these NCA countries seeking greater opportunities within the United States facilitated by these H-2 visas.

With the additional 20,000 visas specifically for FY2024, we are presented with opportunities to finally exercise an alternative solution to this cap crisis outside of cap relief, cap exempt returning workers, and in-country transfers. Bringing in workers from NCA countries, regardless of lottery placement or dates requested, gives employers the opportunity to bring in a workforce brand new to the H-2B program that are young and eager to work in the U.S the right way.

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Eligible Countries

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador,

Costa Rica, Columbia, Haiti


DHS and its respective agencies have begun to allow new allocations of visas that goes beyond the 66,000 allotted during the fiscal year.

Who May Apply

Any employer who has successfully completed the application process through DOL and has received a valid certification.

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