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As Bob Wingfield decided to take a step back from running and leading Amigo’s Labor Solutions, he reached out to longtime friend and colleague, Terry Forester with Labor Consultants International (LCI), to take the helm.
Amigos has fully integrated with and is now represented by LCI.

Amigos and LCI have been sister companies for many years, collaborating and sharing information crucial to your success. We use the same attorneys, are both a part of the Seasonal Employment Alliance, and many of the strategies we have used to help you have come directly from our collaboration. By Amigos joining with LCI, your business will reap the benefits of over 40 years combined H-2B experience.

LCI will build on the experience and consistency that you’ve come to expect from Amigos, and is adamant that their team will be available to you, working to rapidly solve any H-2B business problems. LCI will be your H-2B business solution, learning exactly how you do business and how you can use H-2B to meet your company’s goals. LCI also uses an ever evolving, tried and true software program to give their team rapid access to information across the company with an organized space for easy document storage.

LCI sees considerable synergy in the merger of the two businesses. In the ever changing landscape of H-2B, LCI looks forward to building successful, genuine, and lasting relationships with our new Amigos partners and clients. From all of us here, Welcome to LCI!

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